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Cactus MexicoPainting

This painting was given to one of my cousin as a Christmas gift.

Forest PaulaPainting

This painting is a gift for a very dear friend of mine.

The Wolfs ProspectivePainting

I was trying to show how it might look for the Wolf's point of view when he was following Little Red.

Birch Trees IIIPainting

Birch TreesPainting

I saw this image on an Iphone. I liked it some much I painted it.


This is a painting of the fence in my back yard

A Tree a Window and a DrainPainting

"Get the feeling not the thing."

Night Sky IPainting

Painted on both sides of acrylic sheets

Sea DragonPainting

Do you see the Dragon?

Something Wicked This Way ComesPainting

Inspired by the novel “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury

Birch Trees II - part IPainting

Dark RosePainting

I was asked to use purple in a painting. Here you go.


Dot TreePainting

It's made of 3/4 inch dots.

Peacock FeatherPainting

thanks Honey. I could not have completed this without you.

Family PaintingPainting

A joint family painting

Jelly FishPainting

UnNamed 2Painting

Cup of CoffePainting

Dead Man ForestPainting

A tribute painting to the 1995 film Dead Man

Birch Trees II - part IIPainting

Fire SkyPainting

Based on a B&W Photo I took in 1999

Lake SidePainting

Natural Xmas TreesPainting

R in BlackPainting

Swimsuit GirlPainting

Ronda's Floral GroupPainting

Wagon WheelPainting

Purple RainPainting